being a friend and befriended

When you glance at people on your own SELF CONSCIOUS..

sometimes it is easy enough to find people who :

still searching the world to find something more real..

still searching something that is already in front of their eyes..

still tryin to find the right place but they are still “misplaced” after all..

still tryin to fill the big hole in their heart by the “wrong” way..

still tryin and tryin and tryin..

it’s just that.. We always GROW, don’t we?

every living things deserve to live in their own ways..

when i was a child, i found that a friend is someone who laugh and share same situation with me

but as the time goes by..

i found that in the end..

a TRUE friend is someone who would come in bad times without calling,

someone who still stay no matter what,

someone who make us a better living creature,

someone who reminds us the most of all important things,

someone who knock down your head when you are “unconscious” of things,

someone who DOES care and forgive,

someone who have will to support,

someone who share feelings and thoughts,

someone who will always stay HONEST,

someone who warm the unseen heart..

but the more of it..

a TRUE friend is someone who accept the way WE are,

until the end of time.. 🙂

[Friday, May 29th 2009 23:00]

(this was one of my old writings during my college years, and i still want to re-post it in here :p )


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