In order to make my self ‘healthier’

Have you ever experienced some period in your life when all memories came like flashes all at once and just stopped by just to remind you countless time? Well… I do!

Often in life we forget things we should remember and remember the things we should forget. And I do realize that it is due to my lack of determination that made me confused most of the time.

Meanwhile, PAIN gave you lessons how to rule your own ego, HAPPINESS taught you how to appreciate and  be grateful for all things that God gave you. All kinds of feelings gave us affections and all affections we ever received truly determine how our basic conscience work in our daily life, whether we were raised in a good environment or in a complicated one. All of these help us to define things and how we’d like to settle ourself.

I’ve spent 24 years, 6 months and  16 days until now, determining the solidity of my own being. (I don’t even know if I use the right words though, LOL).

This kind of thought made some close friends of mine called me too-much-thinking-girl back then.

I never deny that, because I can’t help it! My brain activity even  make me unable to sleep at night sometimes (a little insomnia I guessed). I calm my mind by listening music, reading books, mangas (yes I do love Japanese Mangas!) and articles but i rarely speak out my mind.  Too much input but less output. That’s why expressions are important! Expressions always help to release some nerve, LOL . Well.. Trial &error in my life expression are still going on, though. I just hope that it wouldn’t degrade my own integrity.

This is one of my basic reason when I decide to post some of my random thoughts into a blog. LOL. 😀

Hope u enjoy some of my rambling.




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