Why an oak tree?

Hi there! Here I am, posting some words again.

The question of the day is “Why an oak tree?”.

This question is related to my blog name, of course. I forgot to mention it just in case some of you wondering for the choice of the blog name ( as if! :p ).

The idea came up since last month. I joined in a Catholic Retreat in the suburb area of my home town during my long long holiday in Bandung city, West Java. I spent 3 days and 2 nights to reflect my own life, LOL.

The most interesting moment was when our dearest Priest, Romo Danny, asked us to imagine how our relationships life portrayed in an image and we had to draw it on a piece of paper. (FYI, we call a Catholic Priest as “Romo” in Indonesia.)

So, in a short story, an image of a tree always come in my mind when it is related of a question about life. And there I was, drawing an Oak Tree up in hill near a cliff, with so many branches where I put people’s name on it. We all kinda shared it to others after that.

Some new friends i’ve just met and a close friend of mine threw a laugh and teased me because I drew a tree as if I was doing some psycotest. (-_-“)

I didn’t know why i chose a tree as an object, though. I have always been a little obsessed with an image of a tree since I was 14. I even painted an oak tree in high school art class, and put “treeoflife” as folder name in my laptop folder.

Well, thinking back, I do love hiking in weekends, do some little walk between trees for 2-4 hours with a local hiking group. Going in and out of a forest, getting close to Mother Nature.

Then which part of tree represents relationships in life? All part of it, I think.

1) Roots represent our ancestors, because they are the one who teach us life values so we could be a better person and we can never choose them. Who are they? Parents, uncles, aunties, parent’s parents and so on :p

They put their value to the next generation in a hope of a better future. They make us grew “taller” to reach our dreams (am not talking about my height physically here :p). They taught us a fundamental values in our mind, soul & heart.

2) Trunk represents our inner being. Our conscience. No one can motivate you until you motivate yourself, of course.

3) Branches represent people we may meet apart from family. Close friends, friends, acquaintances, and even some people we may dislike.

4) Leaf(es) represent memories. Yes! All memories whether it is a good one or a bad one. We all know that leaves wilt away, right? Memories may come and go, but it is essential to our life. Each strong memories left a trace deep in our heart. No matter how bad things went on, we kept going on.

This is a reason why an oak tree is my only option of a blog name.

Just like an oak tree which is wide-known as the evergreen tree,  we should live our life to the fullest in  every season!



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