Falling In and Out of Love

This year truly feels like the special year for  the weddings. There has been more than 10 wedding parties hit my small hometown in the same day last week, and guess what I got? Enough traffic jam that made me wanna scream at the moment. LOL.

Apart from it, the wedding is beautiful as always. it was full of love songs and full of people’s bright smile anywhere i went. Hearing so many spoken promises in front of the mass, i remembered that i used to wonder so much about “being in love” thing , especially when i saw my friends and relatives got married one by one.

What is it about?

Why do people insist on seeking it?

A perfect memory wrapped in a picture? Or is it for the needs to feel?

And of course, it is in our gene. it is in the depth of our soul, desperately seeking its long lost mate.

“Only a few lucky people may marry their true love. The rest marry the most suitable one who come along when they are ready to settle down.” (got this words from an article but it is so damn true).

But despite of all, I always believe that there’s no such a thing called love at the first sight. That’s just called “significant interest towards someone through first encounter”.

 No one falls in love by choice, it is by chance.

When we meet someone attractive, it is not by choice, it is by chance.

When we choose to love the person with all his/her weakness, that’s a choice too.

The question remain is “do i love the right person?”

Talking about feelings ain’t easy either. Sympathy and empathy may come naturally in a process of knowing someone, and that doesn’t mean you love him/her. Everything should feel right and settled in many ways, not just about chemistry between two single man and woman. Keeping pace between each other in a good progress is a necessity too in a potential and love relationship.

I get to learn from some relatives and friends that even 9 years relationship won’t guarantee any of you to know a lot about your spouse. Are you familiar with a story about two persons just get married after 6-12 months in relationship? Well, i’m not against with a long time relationship thing (my best childhood friend had 8 years relationship too before getting married and i’m happy for them), but my point is not just about time, it is about knowing in the right timing. We all know that everyone is easy to love when they are LOVABLE.

Someone once said to me that there will be a time when a couple would find that falling OUT of love could be more easier than falling IN love, especially in a critical marriage age.

It is like a never ending cycle. You need to imagine the worst ever possibilities the person you love to be the most terrible person they could become and if you can still love him/her, then you are ready to get into a marriage life.

 No one stays in love by chance, it is by work.

It comes by experiencing all kinds of different situations through tested values and principles during the hardships and still walking together after that.

Marriage is like 2 different persons holding one rope, walking together. When one seems to be pulled away, the other one pull it back so they walk together again in one faith.

It is nothing like taking something for granted, it is a pure affection becoming an unconditional love, given towards each other until the end of time.

 No one falls out of love by chance, it is by choice.

That is, my friend, one and a few things that i get to learn from my parents after hearing stories about them got into marriage after 18 months got to know each other and still seeing them holding hands after 28 years of marriage counted this year.

Well, just like every woman’s wish in this world, I hope that one day i will find the right man who will catch my heart sincerely when i truly fall in love, in the right time.

Cheers.. 🙂


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