Moments of Impact

Hi there again! Here I am posting some thoughts for the end of the year.

The story began when I took a taxi to get home early last month. The taxi driver was a middle aged man. He smiled at me as I went in with my heavy bag and he asked me politely where my address was. It was a 15 minutes journey but then I recognized some Tazmanian Devil stuffed toys that hanged in his taxi. Then I asked the driver, “Do you collect all this Tazmanian Devil toys only? I don’t see other toys in here, Mr. Driver.” And then he answered kindly, “Yes Miss, these toys are unforgettable memories for me. That’s why I put it here so I can always remember my beloved one.”

It started from a simple question which then turned into his love life story. It truly felt like I was an interviewer at that time. 😀


He loved a woman years ago, a very dear one. And the Tazmanian Devil toys were his birthday presents from her. He kinda protested when he got the toys and asked her why bother to choose the Tazmanian Devil of all Warner Bross figures? Then she simply answered him, “Well, Tazmanian Devil is cranky but have a good heart. That resembles YOU and I love Tazmanian Devil!” That was the moment when he fell in love deeply with this woman. But unfortunately, she died not long after she gave the presents.  And he told me that he cried so hard at the time being.

After the short story session, I got home and wrote again. Questioning and trying to get a better understanding that even one act of random kindness in one moment of time could touch a person’s heart so DEEPLY if it’s given from a very dear one.

Then it strucked my mind about the old proverb that said LOVE and HATE is almost unseparated. Slightly different. It could be passed on others. And it’s applied to all kinds of emotions, including PAIN.

It’s been a few years since I truly realized that even your parent’s pain can be inherited to the next generation too.

But the time is always ticking. It won’t wait for you. So at this moment in time, I’m letting the rain wash away all my inherited-pain of yesterday. And I felt some burden has been lifted up from my shoulder. Just let it be an old scar, an old moment of impact, not an old wound.

Sometimes, I might be missing the way I used to be. Worry less and just being naïve. But I can’t.

Things you can’t change might end up changing you after all.

So.. What is your Moment of Impact? I hope it all bring you better understanding and good deeds in life.

Cheers. 🙂


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