How close is God among us?

Recently I’ve been asked by my new colleague, “Do you still believe in God even when you study chemistry?”

Surprised yet wondering why this person asked such a thing, I answered “Of course.. Why not?”

These short conversation got me thinking again, though.

I used to wonder so much what is it that made the universe in order?

Is it just a mere synchronized energy?

Is it just a matter of science?

Or is it God? (which has been the most common answer I got every time I asked too many questions)

Well.. I’m curious. Since years.

All children are taught to pray, but how far is He that we have to pray through our longing heart?

I’ve heard enough preaching, enough theories, and enough speech to understand that experiencing a spiritual presence of God Himself isn’t just a mere concept but also a neurology act through our brain and beating heart.

It is a REAL thing especially when you listen to those little voices in the depth of your heart.

Invisible yet exist between honesty and devotion; silently kept in clarity and serenity.


Prayer is not asking. It is a longing of the soul, a daily admission of one’s weakness.
― Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi

As the time goes by, I find God almost everywhere I go,

through the silent voice inside my heart,

in Science where He lay His complex creation,

in people’s heart, where He touch every one of us,

in a good deed, where His power is real,

in this realm, where His work is still a mystery somehow,

in faith where I lay my belief through things I cannot  see.

Cheers~ 🙂


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