The Fist and The Heart <3

Once upon a time there was a young boy lived in a village with his family. He had his Father, Mother and two lovable brothers. He was a happy and cheerful boy. He was always a good boy. His family loved him so much and of course, he really thanked the Heaven for giving him such family in his life.

But one day, unfortunate things happened. When the boy was going straight to his home at evening, he was stopped by a group of drunk men. He was carrying a bag of food in his arm , which he bought at the grocery on his mother request. He just wanted to go home to give them to his beloved mother. But instead of letting the boy go, the drunk men bullied and tortured the boy, and also took the food he brought and mocked him for being so short and weak.

The boy wasn’t sad , but he was so angry and felt so ashamed of his own incapability. He loathed those people. He regretted his own weaknesses, for the unworthy people who just beat him up, inside out. Since that night, he promised himself that He will be the strongest man people ever knew, so that there will be no one who could ever hurt him again. But still, it was such a dream for a village boy like him. Years after years had passed, yet the boy never gave up on his VOCATION. The little boy had come of age and he started his own journey. He wandered around the country.He went places after places, learning all kinds of martial arts he could find and became a strong man at the time being.

Until one day, he arrived at a small town and be told that once famous great Master lived behind the hill near a river across the forest side, leading himself a quiet life. The old master was known to be a great fighter and also, a very wise man at his age.

And then, he walked through the pleasant hill and found a small hut across the river and saw an old man stood near the river, collecting stacks of woods around the hut. ‘That old man doesn’t seem strong at all ‘, the man thought in his mind.

Then he approached the old man, wondering if he was happened to be the wise master whom people talked about and asked, “Good afternoon, I’m sorry to disturb you sir, but are you the famous Master that people talked about?”

Without looking back at the young man, the old man said, “My dear, I have never heard if such man does exist in the first place.”

The man said again, “Well, people in town told me so and I am looking for your guidance.”

“Why do you even need a guidance?” said the old man, still collecting woods.

The Man said, “Master, please teach me anything. I want to be the strongest man in the world.”

Then the Old Master stopped collecting woods, faced him and asked him back calmly, “Why do you want to be the strongest one?”

“I want to fight injustice and punish those who hurt weak people. Anyone who act on purpose of injustice, I shall beat up all of them. I wish no offense, Master,” said the Man.

The Old man fell silent for a while, still looking at the man’s firm brown eyes, then smiled and said “ Then you have to learn one favor thing before anything else could proceed.”

“What is it? I will do anything,” said The Man.

“Heal the people,” said the old man, still smiling at him.

“What? But … I don’t understand.” 

“It is always easier to hurt people, but always difficult to do the opposite. Before you decide to use your fist, you should learn to heal people’s heart first. If you can, then come again to me, young man, and I shall teach you everything I know,” said the Master.

“Why did you ask me these things?”

“ Young man..Above all matters, understanding is the first step to acceptance and only with acceptance can there be recovery for those who was hurt and naive. “

Then the old master walked back to his house, leaving the young man behind, puzzled-looking expression was still in his face,, many thoughts swirled in his mind. And yet, there was still much for the young man to understand more than just his fist, indeed. 


inspired at 7:00 PM / September 20th 2009

(this is another old fantasy of mine.LOL. I don’t know what came into my mind when i wrote this though)


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