Self Portrait

I always ask myself when I stare at my reflection in the morning , “Whom do you see in the mirror?

Is she smiling? Is she sad? Is it a good self portrait? Does she feel good about herself?


In the end, self image is one of the most important things that came down to my mind.

The general image that we might have about ourselves, are mostly created by what people might think and say about us. If we have the right people to tell us, then it’s great! But what if we accidentally listen to the wrong people and unfortunately get the wrong picture? We’ll be devastated I think.

This has been a never ending topic every time I talk to my dear mother. A higher consciousness level might hit you in any moment.

But one thing for sure, I always believe that there is no such a thing called coincidence. That there is always a role for everyone you meet in life.

Some will TEST you. Some will JUDGE you. Some might HATE you for what you have. Some will LOVE you. Some will TEACH you. Some will STAY with you until the end.

I always remember what my parents always said. Life is like two sides of a coin. You may have both side come along, the good one and the bad one, but you only HAVE TO nurture the good side of it in order to become an asset to the world.

You will build a strong emotional part in your soul through those important choices. Otherwise, you’ll just be another depressed person with a broken function heart until you die.

Just like an oldie might say :

Time change

People change

Situations change

Relationship change

The only thing constant is change.

A LIFE TIME RELATIONSHIPS teach you lifetime lessons. A lesson is given in order to find your true and finest character. Our job is to accept our uniqueness through our strength.

The ones who are truly important are the ones who bring out the best in you. They are the rare and amazing people who remind you why it’s worth it.

Each of us were created to do different things and to impact in different ways.

Never try to be someone else but make the best of what you have instead. Live your life and make the more to it to be a blessing to others.

Because LIFE is a gift. And I enjoy every moment of it.. 🙂

PS : I hope this post can be a reminder to each of us, just like I have been reminded countless time by my loved ones.Cheers.


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