because Beauty is in the Eye of The Beholder


Again and again… I got myself wondering every time I saw a giant billboard with a close up face photo of full make up woman across the main street near my office.

One question always popped up in my head.

Why in the world would we want to be beautiful?

Skin care products, cosmetics and all kinds accessories are common things among women since years.

And yes.. I wonder about the reason for human obsession towards beauty itself.

I’ve seen some of my friends and acquaintances make themselves obsessed with their own beauty image.

Is it for the sake of insecurity in our social community I wonder? (apart from finding your spouse)

Is it for the sake of self acceptance? So that we have more confidence when people think  we’re pretty & beautiful? Is that it? Really?

Well, who wouldn’t want to be beautiful anyway?

I am already aware since years ago that Asian women beauty standards in social community are mostly considered from their skin color tone. All the social advertisements  brainwash Asian women that women are considered to be more beautiful  if they have bright skin as white as porcelain and with a smaller / slimmer / thinner body.

Owh please..!There’s nothing wrong  with having a darker skin color tone. Why bother on some advertising preferences?

Why should it be a happiness and self acceptance standard? We can never choose our natural genetic DNA for how we look like.

It might take a lot of consciousness to become aware of these things first and hard work to even try to overcome them, I think. It applied to some people.

Sometimes we all want what we can’t have. That’s why there were sooo many women do plastic surgery too.

We have to realize that men/women attractiveness has many kinds of perceptions in different cultures.

That of all physical appearances,  the true beauty comes from the inside.

It is totally okay if we try to be beautiful from the outside, but as always, being beautiful from the inside may change the world in its own way, in its different way.

Let’s focus on being happy rather than just being beautiful.

Because we all have our own charm no matter how we look !

Just focus on living a life with a purpose & let us pursue the true happiness from within!

Because beauty is in the eye of the beholder after all.


(another random old thoughts in the middle of the night)


2 thoughts on “because Beauty is in the Eye of The Beholder

  1. Just a few minutes ago, I saw an advertisement of a beauty product that start with the letter V on TV during Spongebob show. The narrator said that “for whom would you want to be beautiful?” And the ladies mentioned their men; maybe they are their boyfriend or husband. On seeing that advertisement, I became furious. I suddenly realized how we, as women, have degraded ourselves (or being degraded by society) that we beautify ourselves in order to please guys. We have to follow the stereotype of beauty in order to be accepted by men. We have to have white flawless skin so that we can attract men and get their attentions. I felt like we are forced to accept the fact that we are the one who have to get our men. I don’t know, I just feel like the ad is degrading women. Sad truth, indeed.


    1. wow you’ve got some thoughts Pris, i just read your words thoroughly ahahaha, sorry for the late response, got busy over here.
      yeahh most women want to beautify themself to look good in front of their husband & society (and sometimes to help them feel good about themself), that is our natural desire deep inside i think and that’s good as long as we’re not fully obsessed by other people’s opinion 😀
      we have our own taste after all 😉 ehehe


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