Your Very Own Puzzles of People

Yesterday I got into another tingling conversation with one of my friend. Let’s call this person as Ann.

Ann is a smart person and very shy too.

Ann suddenly said that Ann never want to be noticed, because Ann can “move” around people easier. It was a strong wish from Ann’s mouth.

Only one wish : Not much talking at all. ( well we did a long chat session when Ann told me this though)

And.. I was curious (again!).

Why did Ann bother taking a job that demand a solid teamwork if Ann wished to be a loner?

Why did Ann even choose a career path by employed in a company rather than being self employed?

Why did Ann bother to be so SELF CENTERED while Ann realized that we all need help from others?

Then I said to Ann, “It is not about being talktative my dear Ann…! It is all about TAKING PART in your very own team! Communication is not done by watching and hearing only, It’s like the two way mirror in Harry Potter’s!”

We can never measure or justify or know someone deeply by watching he/she talk and eat right?

You know somebody through a real relationship!

Not just by analyzing he/she and then judge them from the “outer package”.

Friendship is built of pure empathy-sympathy and also [LOTS OF TOLERANCY + SINCERITY] thing that took yearssssss to upgrade from acquaintances to a friend to a good friend to a lifetime best friend.

Whether the person is your high school friend/ room mate / coworker / anyone, you’ll never know until you become a  part of social life itself.

I always believe that loving God is loving people.. Even business is all about people too! 😀

As for myself, I am not the kind of extrovert person too. So I take my time when I need to be alone. (especially when i write like this)

Then it came to my understanding after a few more chatting session with Ann,

that after all contradict statements that Ann has said to me,

apart from everything Ann admitted to me,

Ann’s heart truly belong to be a part of something no matter what.

It was all clear from Ann’s gaze.

It might be Ann’s long lost desire. Being honest with your own desire might not an easy thing after all…

Some things in our life are more than what we say. Some have to be said and admitted. Some were just left behind in our conscious, unnoticed and waiting to be awaken.

Just like a puzzle! Our job is to arrange it and to deal with it! Here is a picture that my dear friend gave me 2 weeks ago. A very good visualization about us among people.


Make your world into a fitted shape and keep inspired no matter what!


Tuesday, June 18th 2013

22:50 PM


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