The Mindful Soul

by metindemiralay – deviantart

I woke up to the sound of silence countless times at night, especially after my long chat with one of my close friend last month.

Another emotional & consciousness level hit both my mind and heart after hearing her stories.

That we all deserve our own happiness in our worth. (Of course!)

Whether it’s a bigger amount of care or more affection from whom we love.

Thinking and feeling became tons of irresistible activity.

My dear friend said to me, “I love them but do they even love me back the way I love them? I need to be loved back too so my feelings won’t be drained out and just emptiness inside. ”

She asked one question, “Just who am I to them?”

You loved them but they took you for granted, made you as if you’re their shield, even a simple hello or a happy birthday was just a forgotten sentence too.

Disappointed? Sad? Yes, no wonder for the feelings. Please just remember my friend..

In the end you’ll see who’s fake, who’s true and who would risk it all for you. And yes, some people will totally surprise you.

When you are begging for someone’s help and you can’t find anything even just for their shadows.. Just remember that on the other side someone is trying hard to reach your hand, give you a comfortable hug, and give their best to help you.

You might feel never enough, you might get stuck in reverse, trying to survive from the world’s madness but NOTHING ever goes away until it teaches us what we have to know.

So, cheer up my friend! We’re still breathing in our mindful soul and this has to be the great life.

It’s better to have a bigger heart rather than a bigger brain.



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