Through The Thinking Heart <3

Excess_Baggage_by_abandoned_echoesRationalizing things is very common to do right? Even at nights when you were supposed to sleep.
Well.. I think too much sometimes, can’t resist it. *shaking head*
I stayed awake again last night (until 2:00 AM if i remembered correctly)
My mind was so full.
“Full of what??”, my mom used to ask me in her lovely tone.

Full of memories I can never forget.
Full of thoughts. Full of curiosity. Full of question.
Full of 2 shades motions in my brain (or heart?)
Fractions of happiness which I cherish for the remembrance of gratitude.
A fraction of sadness and bitterness which I had to let go and thanked them for giving lessons to my inner ego.


That everyone comes with a baggage. It could be doubt or fear or loss inside it.
Whether it’s best friends or lover, find someone who love you enough to help you unpack!

(Lover is not yet to be found though :p)

Through those fractions of truth,
I lay down the thinking heart
To free myself from fed up emotion
To make lines between dots
To paint cheerful colors between lines
To understand things better even though I am very slow in the matter of my own feelings
So that I could be more wiser, more conscious, and more loving with a gentle and quiet spirit.

And yesss, night like this leads me to my dear pen.
Writing is emptying the mind to fill in the heart.
The remaining question tonight is
“What do you desire the most in this world?”
Light that sparks!!
Be the alchemist! A person who transform dreams into reality.

Cheers~ ❤



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