2013 in Review : Memory Flashback

Time flies so fast. Really. It’s been more than 3 months since my last post in this blog, so I just wanna say Happy New Year 2014 as my first greeting and hope you have a wonderful year ahead. 🙂 Well I enlisted some of my personal thoughts & moments for the last 12 months in this post.


My memory review began at the moment I saw the cheerful orange sky yesterday and it felt like the wind talked back to me when it breezed through my skin, brought up some warm feelings & memories. Yeah I was so melancholy at that time.  It was only one year for so many blessings in every lesson. Just reading old proverbs is not enough to understand things right? So, here we go.

1. Death is inevitable while birth is a graceful gift from God. My dear grandmother past away last March in the age of 90 and all of my big family was busy for her funeral. We were quite prepared for her last moment though. I cried silently as I watched her last smiling pale face lying down gracefully, saying thank you and good bye in my prayer for her. This old picture below is one of my favorite childhood portrait. Memory is the last thing resided in our heart.


“To live in hearts we leave behind is not to die.” ― Thomas Campbell

On the other moment, my childhood best friend gave birth her second daughter last December. I went to see her & her husband at the hospital and they taught me how to carry their cute new born baby (or casting new baby sitter? LOL). It was my first experience holding 14 hours old baby!  I was really touched. The feeling was … unexplained. Life is a gift after all. Cherish it. 😀


(One day  I’d like to have a daughter too I think :p )

2. How you choose your life style is how you choose your liability. As many of us know already, liability talk about many things! Choose wisely as it will impact your life through the years. I learned that I got to do more than what I should some times. Don’t spend more than what you can earn and what you sow is what you reap.  It apply in life affection, even in finance. Thank you my super mom for the real lessons and analogies! It’s been a pleasure to chat for hours with you!

3. Everyone comes with a baggage. Full of hope and desperation (sometimes). As we meet new & various people in our life, we get to know that we all have our own flaws. But still, we bring our desire & passion along our way. Some succeed and some fail. But we keep carry on to find the best in ourselves 🙂 (as long as our desire doesn’t consume us inside out!). Life goes on. Thank you my besties for your sharing time!

4.To love at all is to be vulnerable.” ―CS. Lewis Well.. I think I don’t want to be vulnerable (for now?). But some of my dear friends insisted on lecturing me about this last year. I can’t find words to explain the sentence, so please read this picture below. I just found it in 9gag.com and it does explain the quote well enough. 🙂


We love and we get hurt. How you deal with the pain is the most important thing of all. (so they said) I never really take too much interest in relationship thing since years but some friends said i’m really alike with the girl in the picture (the locked heart inside the casket part). *rolling my eyes again*

Just like they said, maybe.. I really need to get out of my ‘nutshell’ to understand things better. Image Goodbye Lovable 2013 and welcome Gorgeous 2014! Cheers 🙂

January 5th 2014  [10:11 PM]


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