Happiness is simple.

Hectic and a bit stressing were the only words could describe my situation for the past 2 months.
I got irritated easily and a bit cranky too since many things tested my patience.
I’ve been thinking and has set my lines for how far i should go for tolerating some people for their own EGO (or selfishnes to be exact). Enough is enough.
Even though some people advice me for using emotions rather than having them, it’s not easy to do it right away. I got emotional, I got angry, I got sad, I grumbled and on and on like a cycle. I was surprised too since I tend to be “the quiet person” in my daily life.
Well, that’s life. Some events were just inevitable, right? (Anticipation is preferable though)
But thennnn, it crossed my mind and heart when I let my lovely friends touched my heart countless times again!
When a simple hi ended up in hours of talking & laughing
When a simple birthday greetings came from overseas continents (and from some people I could never think of too!)
When long lost friend suddenly called again
When I do realize that I’m really glad for having the same sense of belonging as they have
All I can say is I am GRATEFUL for the lovely people who made my day,
who simply CARE for me from the deepest of their heart,
who made me remember again that what you believe is what matters…
Many questions rised up in my head for now, but owhh well.. there will be answers in its time!
That after all, happiness is simple.
And I let it be.

:)))))) Cheers!


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