Going Slower While In Pain

There’s one thing most of my friends notice when they get to know me.

I walk really fast. Yepp.. I tend to do things in a fast pace, including walking (but not in love & relationship thing).

Due to some unfortunate series of events, I have to walk VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY SLOW for the last 2 weeks because of the pain in my right hip (& butt). Other than walk slower, i eat & talk slower too as the on-going effect (got teased from coworkers for that @_@ ).

 In short story :

I’ve been busy  as usual on Sunday. I packed & tidied things in my bedroom including lifting some heavy objects(there was no one to help me at that time and my right hand kinda slipped too),  I jogged more than 7 km (really exhausting) and the next day i fell down to the slippery ground with 4 kg weight on my back when i walked to the office in the morning (owh my lovely laptop)..

And TADAAAA..!!  That was when it began.

I felt pain everytime i sat more than 30 minutes and i have to step my foot in slow motion unless i wanted the pain more like hell. I’ve been experiencing a totally pain in the ass (LITERALLY).

Well, shit happens (sometimes).

Applying analgesic balm & enduring pain were my only option. I thought it would be healed on its own.

But since i couldn’t stand the pain anymore at night, I went to the doctor near my client’s office on Tuesday & got some medicine but still it didn’t help at all. *felt like hell*

Yesterday I went back to my home town, Bandung, and consulted to Orthopedic Doctor for better diagnose & better prescription. It turned out it did get better.

Other than the soothing and caring manner from the handsome doctor, i noticed that the Arcoxia medicine worked more than i thought. It kinda work like anti-inflammatory medicine. Just took the medicine twice and a deep sleep at last!! Yayy! Feels like heaven.. (should thank the doctor later) 😀

Well that is my story for now. March has been so “colourful”.

I hope i will be in full recovery since i’m very excited to be in part of adventure trip to Krakatau mountain next Friday. #hoping#fingercrossed#

Lesson of the week :

Pain is like my wake up call to awaken. Not just about physically pain, but i also got more time to look deeper into my self, to adjust the course of my life too. 🙂

Maybe God try to be as gentle as possible and only if you ignore the call does “the pain” get stronger.

A pain is just a way to rouse you from slumber.

Cheers! 😀 😀 😀


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