That Emptiness

This picture below was the beautiful sunrise view at Krakatau Mountain, taken near Sunda Strait two weeks ago. Owh God..I miss mother nature so much. *Sob*


Well.. I was supposed to be there too, saw this view with my own eyes but I couldn’t join the trip due to my waist pain & I was still in recovery. I got sad instantly but my friend kindly sent the picture to cheer me up.

And since I didn’t join the trip, I went back home to Bandung for the long weekend (with the hell-like-traffic-jam as my bonus). I met my long-time-no-see high school friends & we had so much fun! Never felt like this for quite a long time ! 😀

One of us just got back home from her study in Manchester, another one told her experiences for meeting new various people & the guys were so patient hearing us talking a lot plus giving many advices LOL. It’s been fun chatting for hours with them (plus extra time playing cards). Those moments filled my heart for a while.. 🙂

These were the card set we played that day. It’s called The Forbidden Island. Entertaining. 😀
This is us 😀

Meanwhile, one of us just had a breakup.

Love affection turned into a cold shoulder.

Lovely words turned into awkward situation.

The question is : How do you know when it’s over?

Maybe when you feel more in love with your memories rather than with the person standing in front of you. It just happened that way. Period.


Logic & feelings always mixed up  in times like this. What a whole package to deal with!

I know that I may not be the right person to advice her since I’ve been single for 26 years of my whole life (well, it’s my choice after all, right?) and I haven’t got much real experience in man-woman relationship but one thing for sure, every step we take will get better in its time and in God’s time too. So..Keep moving! Heart always mend by time.


Let’s pick a better thought to reap a better life & be the best of us in everything we do!

Cheers! 🙂


PS : It’s been 7 weeks since the last time i saw you. Thank you my sweet distraction for helping me out mentally for a while. It was more fun to see you in live version whatsoever, especially in sudden situation. LOL!


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