Among The 3

There is one thing I hate about my life nowadays. TRAFFIC JAM.

It’s already part of my schedule since I have spent the last 3 years of my 20’s, sitting in the car for around 3-5 hours per day to go to client’s office doing projects. Getting bored of the mad traffic is one of my routines. *sigh*

Cars & tall buildings are all over the place in Jakarta.. VERY DULL.

But yaayyy, I got the chance to escape from the big city into the woods last week.

I  know.. I know.. I’m a bit quirk about “my escape from reality” hobby. Most of my friends go shopping to release stress but I go into the forest (or singing in the bathroom until my room neighbor laugh & I get embarrassed).. (-..-“)>

Okay, where was i? Back to the topic. The Lovely Forest.

Taman Hutan Raya Dago Pakar, West Java, Indonesia
Taman Hutan Raya Dago Pakar, North Bandung area, West Java, Indonesia


I went to this place with my older brother last Saturday. And the scent!! Nothing is more refreshing than morning walk while breathing the clean air in the mountain at 7 AM!!

We chatted about many things while walking. Small stuff, some daily troubles etc ,including some matters that have bothered me for a couple months. Will my spring dream be my summer reality? LOL!

Well, it’s been a while we haven’t chatted like this. And it was FAR more comforting to talk in person rather than just texting..

There was a thin line between feeling & thinking for me right now.

And it occurred to me that there are 3 types of logic, which are :

1. Logic that comes from (or after?) FEELINGs itself.

This is the moment when you might get confused and might get yourself overthinking (plus getting lost in your own illusion maybe?).

2. Logic that comes from EXPERIENCEs.

This one matters between EVER or NEVER BEFORE. You tend to think clearer when you EVER experienced some things, right?

3. Logic that comes from UNDERSTANDINGs.

This is “the AHA moment” when you are clueless at all and just know something by theory. Does believe ever enough anyway?

So.. Which kind of situation have you encountered the most in your life so far?

I hope it all goes well. We get to know ourselves better by knowing people better, right?

Life is like an onion sometimes.

In every layer, in every tears,

There’s another part to see in every soul.

A part that will never be the same.

And yes, God is good. He keep me safe and sound.

Thank You for keeping my heart steady by surrounding me with good people in my life.


One message for all of you this week (especially after Easter) :

Sometimes when we get hurt, we closed our hearts.

But just forgive & give way anyway.

Give the time enough time.

Cheers~ 😀

Wild Flowers
Wild Flowers (Taken when we were walking that day)

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