I just recently did further check up to the hospital due to continuing small pain & numbness in my right leg and I felt like I wanna squeak when the doctor said I got a pinched nerve based on general symptoms. It took 1 month until the symptoms occurred since my last visit to the hospital. Three times of falling down has been a disaster. I already canceled my 4th travelling schedule because of this… The universe just won’t let me go far from my hometown this year I think… (.___.) Just felt really really really sad.. (T___T)

And here I am, consuming anti-inflammatory medicine (again) & going to follow physical therapy for the next 4 weeks.

I was a little panic inside. (Okay okay maybe not a little, I am being paranoid too for a while).

Am I really that comfortable with pain? Owh !!#@!%

Am I in my own mess because I haven’t really followed the doctor’s advice for the last 3 weeks? *face palm*

I have to do A LOT of swimming & yoga plus 12 sessions of physical therapy. How in the world can I do that with 8 hours working at office and 3-5 hours in traffic jam each day? I got to find way no matter what, though. 😦

I talked to my closed ones yesterday. Sharing is good medicine when you worry about things. 😀

It came down to few questions, whether it’s about your daily routines or even your relationship.

Just how much should you sacrifice for the sake of consciousness? (as for my case right now, how much should I pay?)

Just how much should you take & give to deal with unsettling feelings? That is so hard to describe.

Why are you angry for having the pain itself?

Who are you? And what can you be? What’s the possible chance?

Discover yourself more dear! Break the layers! Find the light! Let’s evolve!

And it would be good too if you can help others to find their ability to want. Their ability to NOTICE.

We need to understand that we are all made of matters.

That what made you today is how far you’ve changed & grew through each year.

Let go of your FEAR. Allow yourself to JOY. Be BRAVE.

😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀


Quote of the week :

“The heart’s not like a box that get filled up, it expand in size the more you love” (Her  – 2013)



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