Stainless Heart

It’s been months since my last post and I already turned 27 years old last week. Just entered another stage of life and life’s been busy as ever. 🙂
Hope everything goes well for each of you and may 2014 become a good lesson to be a better you in 2015!
Well.. As for me, year 2014 turned out to be quite tough.
Work challenge in office. Family problems. A change of heart. A falling heart for an empty promise. A broken heart (maybe). A whole package!
I was hurt (a little) and so did my butt.. (as for my injury, my Lumbar MRI scan is all clear!! thank God it was only a temporary low back muscle injury, not a real spine injury as it was suspected at first. I stopped freaking out at the least. Keep calm and just do yoga.)
There’s been a lot of tears, a lot of ups&downs, and a lot of mood swings. Yeah..Strange but true, I have become a happier me now.
I’ve reached a stage where I stop myself getting hurt, to be sad & also to be dissapointed by empty words.
And.. I’m getting more used to see people come and go in life.
Some certain people made big impact for me.
Some touched my life, some changed my heart, some even succeeded to change my mind set.
Sadly, only a few decided to stay in touch with me until now. I used to be so sad like a broken hearted person but now I feel nothing but relieved & grateful.
Slowly but sure, attaining a stainless heart. :p
One thing I have learned over the years, sense of presence matters a lot.
“What’s that mean? Is ‘sense of presence’ even a word?”, my lovely friend used to ask me.
It just simply mean that some one do exist for you, reach out to you and care for you.
I know that the heart wants what it wants, no matter how imaginary it would seem at first.
But feelings are feelings.
And the truth validate the feelings whether it would evolve or just dissapear.
Just imagine when “I didn’t mean to” turned out to be “I meant to” as the time goes by.
Ergh. I’m sick of it.
But fortunately, there are some people in your life who’s meant to be your reality check point.
Their words and their presence become an alarming sound inside your heart, to awake the dead connection between heart and mind.
They are the inspiring people who widen your horizon.
To them, I owe my gratitude. ❤


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