“Just to what purposes you are created?”
Once you ask that question, you can’t stop asking it again and again.
The more I grow up, I stop asking myself too much about this. Observing to be more precise.
Whether it’s for the so called greater good for yourself or other people, I think you will always be too much of something for someone :
Too big, too loud, too quiet, too fussy, too nosy, too soft, too smart, too quirky, too tall perhaps?
Well.. if you round out your edges, then you loose your edges. Right?
You don’t win a fight against someone’s perception.
You appreciate it, just as it is.
Everyone you meet is fighting their own (inner) battle.
The most interesting thing about getting know people is either you evolve your mind, you widen your horizon or you enlarge your heart capacity to trigger someone’s point of view.
Challenging? Naaahh~
I’m indeed enjoying the life force. To give and receive ONLY good vibes (mark my capital word!!) eventhough i still have some insecurities… 😉
Nothing compares to a beautiful conversation with a beautiful mind.
A hidden beautiful heart in tranquility. ♥


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