Yearning A Reality

Isn’t it amazing how life is so wanting, demanding, happening and it suddenly became something out of expectation?
Life has offered such a thousand serial of new episodes.
Am I bored by the routines of saving others face perhaps?
I think I wanted more than life could ever grant me before.

There are things which are always beyond our control.
Your birth, your death, your fortune and the last but not the least, attraction.
Yes. Attraction. It only took a few months to get bewildered for being caught up in silly moments.
Amused in your own self awareness, self knowledge, self exposure, self acceptance and self responsibility.

Law of attraction is surely amusing for now.
A simple ‘Hey’ or ‘Ev’ greeting have a certain ring in it though. 🙂

What kind of love would you want to find anyway?

Nowadays I just get the joy in rediscovering myself through understanding another being.

Here I am, still in blur, encouraging myself again and again, that you have to make choices in life and that choices make you to be you.
Just simply you.

Whatever will be in the future.. Breathe deep, breathe clear and heal, my heart. Just heal no matter what.
I need you to be what I know you can be, to prove that certain things in life are meant to last, against so called nothing last forever.

In spite of resigned feelings I’m having for not hoping, one question still remains.
‘Do I see you?’
Or should I even bother to ask, ‘Do you see me?’


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