Beyond The Time

The last 3 weeks have been a roller coaster mood, leaving me speechless.
And I’ve been thinking. Quite a lot.

How a warm family relationship suppose to be.
How dreams and ambitions suppose to manifest the soul within.
How to be greater at heart to generate more happiness around.
How to be good in love life. For yourself. For your spouse. For others.
How to create an abundant life.
Just all kinds of priorities in Life.
Things beyond the time.

Yes. Time.

One undeniable fact is ‘You are responsible for your own happiness during your time.’
But what if you suddenly ran out of time ?
It’s funny how people feel unhappy because they try too hard to pursue happiness itself.
All of us do our routines everyday, but not all of us will be affected enough to get aware that each day might just pass and poof!
Will you be ready when your death come into your bed?
You might get so upset and angry because you haven’t done any meaningful things to get a fulfilled, contented life.

What if you have to choose between 2 hard choices?
1. Die later by making your family suffers in the later process
2. Die sooner without making your family suffer

What would you choose?
Would you be a sarcastic egoist?
Would you have a bigger heart at that moment?
Or are you afraid of dying?
What would you do when your good intentions make you suffer ?

What must you do to make you deserve a better you?
In the eyes of God. In the eyes of your own heart at the least?
In order to see the world with eyes unclouded by hate.
It’s just… what would you do?


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