Crossing Your Wall

People will always give you room for growth in many ways if you let them.
It doesn’t matter whether we’re talking about life goals or lovers, if you aren’t willing to fight for them, if you aren’t willing to get your hands dirty, to go out of your way and make an effort to hold on to them, then you just don’t want them enough.
And regardless of whether it’s a goal or other, if you don’t want them enough, then you don’t deserve it.

People have many wants and urges. We often want more than we already have, we want more than just “enough” ~ and this doesn’t change when it comes to attention or love.

Some of us are social gluttons of sorts, while some of us are not.
We want to love and to be loved in return.
We want to be taken care of.
We want to feel like we’ve found our home.
We seek for a whole acceptance.
Which is great i think, unless if all those things you want end up making you live inside a shell, inside the wall or building a wider comfort zone instead of pushing you to reveal a better version of yourself.

No one lives a happy life entirely inside his or her comfort zone!

Find someone worth fighting for who drag you out of that comfort zone and lead you into a more eventful life. A meaningful life to your heart content!

The question is : do you love this person enough to step out of your comfort zone, crossing your wall and jump into the ring for her or him?
That would be another revelation in process, no?

(This is just a random shared thought with my-soon-to-be-married-cousin just now ūüôā )


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