Closing Another Colorful Year

The time is ticking and ending the year of 2015 in the next 30 minutes at my country, Indonesia. I’m currently in flat mood since I’m still working on holidays (work from home mode, owhh such workload on holidays!) but over all I am grateful. I enclosed this year saying my favorite quote to you.

How you treat people is how people treat you.

People, people and always people! My post today is just merely about how you treat yourself and others, another year end babbling of mine. They say you have to know when you should take and when to give in order to maintain mutual interactions. While you are in generous state, you may give to others without expect anything in return.

But having a philanthropist nature (as I am) may also lead to bad situations (sometimes) especially when you’re not aware of others “true” intention. I don’t usually meddle with others unless they ask some advice/help from me but they may accuse you of things you are asked to help at the first place. This is my challenge this year and as usual, you don’t always get the same treatment and they throw you lemon instead. One word, CRAP.. or whatever you may call it. Lol.

I must admit that my “view of life” in 2015 has been rather grayish. And cloudy as it is but I’m still glad for having some unforgettable moments, which give addition to the cheerful colors in my memory; pink, purple & coral red. Well I get to make the lemonade in some way, enjoying the taste instead and smiling generously, staying humble as I used to be, giving them a blessing instead.

How you perceive things matters a lot, no? It’s sooo much easier said than done when you get to face the real conflict in complex situation too.  Well, I just see such things like a test.

Yeess. Testing yourself to get to a higher level of consciousness, to a better sense of self. You get to learn how to become more consistent and persistent, just to respond better. Things happened, followed by changes. And you are the one who get to choose what kind of person you want to be. Not because of anyone’s expectation, but because you know who you want to become.

Being mature beyond age. Being kind to yourself. Such a self reminder at the end of year.

My next homework in 2016 is to gather all my courage again, to break the limit I have to cross, following my heart (using a better valuation, not just all about judgement from my head) and NOT to lose faith.

Well…Thank you for you who have been part of my life until now!  Wishing all of you Happy New Year 2016! May this year lead you to a happier you in many things ahead!

Cheers~ ❤


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