Sleepwalking To The Ground Zero.

Only two words could describe this eventful January 2016, tight schedule and lack of sleep. I will be having these continuous series of lack of sleep in the next 3 weeks due to my current responsibility at work. Exhausting and draining.

Weekdays and weekends were still the same sofar, mostly spent on the road (still unable to change the situation at the beginning of the year). Having  different life in two cities create different feelings and ambience since what happened in one place, only stayed in that place. Different pace.
It was only last week that I was nearly sleepwalking while wearing a blue bridesmaid dress, mingled sleepily among the crowds (almost fell asleep too at the toilet haha! *blushed*). One of my favorite couple got married and I promised the bride to be her bridesmaid months ago, so i caught up to her schedule during my on-project duty at work and tadaaa… I could only sleep for 3 hours in 2 days last week.

Even though I ended up having another session of headache and fever the next day due to tiredness but it’s worth it and my time has been well spent. I enjoyed the whole day so much, full of laughters and warm hugs from long time no see faces. Such warmth i always miss!  
Infused with excitement and joy, I fell asleep soundlessly for the whole day last saturday, giving rest to my back and also my mind.
And there it went while I was sleeping, an old warm memory resurfaced from the past, suddenly whispering to my ear, the very same words from years ago when I was in the same tired condition because of all this workload.
“Well…hang in there okay?”
I remembered that i used to anwer this person, yes yes I’m thriving!
Such tingling sensation at sleep, counting all the scarce and brave figures in my memory for the last two years. Such figures I always look up to.
Pulling apart all the scattered puzzles in my head, reinvent the ground zero again at the center. Remodeling. Reconstructing. Regrowing.
I had exactly the same kind of excitement just like when my brain was playing with numbers with all its pattern and breakdowns.
I awoke and it was such a relieved feeling afterwards.
Another big relieved this year too, is that I can leave all pain killers and NSAID behind in my medicine box, no need to consume it for emergency since it’s been replaced by certain vitamins (after a long check up process at two hospital last year, its substitute function is simply the same after all, sepele tapi ternyata signifikan pake sangat!!).  

And i can’t help myself to smile happier each day, because things start falling into place on its own and need nothing at the moment just attract everything around sometimes.
Just simply paid off. Give thanks to life. 🙂


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