woles darl!

Okay, here’s the thing. In my pages, I do not write/blog for praise, or thinking of all the audience. You just write for yourself. This whole babbling words in every post is a work around for my brain. Things to work out between you and your pen, your finger and your mind, for all things that intrigue you. It could be someone you talk to, conversation about nothing or everything, a memory. Anything.

I always do it when I’m on my hectic schedule during work. In short, just to keep me sane. Haha!

I ‘scratch’ words during traffic jam (kaya ngga tau aja macetnya Jakarta begimana eneg-nya…), listen to song lyrics from the radio, swirling around in my head, just to see what effect it made in its absorbing state. Compiling words puzzles while in isolated bubble mode. They call you daydreamer? Iyakan saja, biar singkat. My head is in busy-state automatically during that period so what can I do? I embrace it instead of resisting it. This is just my way of coping.

Kalau ambil kalimat dari novel yg lagi dibaca saat ini, setiap orang lahir dari rahim yg berbeda-beda, cara pikiran beroperasi juga berbeda, begitu juga cara setiap hati beroperasi pasti berbeda-beda toh yoo. (halah kok jadi bawa-bawa hati?)

I’m a little bit amused on some talk i just had because of several post. Meanwhile.. One post only represent one stage of current muse I was eyeing, cannot be rewritten or undone.

It is something that can never go back to the way i used to be once it got out of its shell.

Something that always evolve. Either the situation or you that evolve. So.. Why so serious darla? Chill!

Hm.. Even your muse may amuse you, sometimes. Hahaha.


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