March Miracles.

It’s March now! First quarter of the year almost reach its ending and so does my h*ll project like condition, just ending the burning out state and maintaining Zen instead. Silent and smile in clearer mind.

The weather is cooler too and I loooveee it when it rains but …. not like this recent weekend. Why? Because I was driving around 110 km/hour at Jakarta outer ring road when I noticed the car got something stucked inside and started loosing its balance. Giliran lagi bisa “lari” malah sport jantung sepanjang jalan…. 😐
Dear j*sam*rga, Ma to the Cet…bisa ngga jalanan-nya di lebarin dikiiiiit aja buat nambah kapasitas jalanan? My ass is getting more flat for driving 12 hours in total, sukses hingga kaki sempat kram plus bekas cedera nyaris kambuh persis tahun lalu. Apa pun itu asal ngga usah kambuh lagi. Meringis sepanjang hari. I don’t fancy enduring pain ‘that much’ again for months/the whole year. (who would anyway? it s*cks and ruins all awareness, totally, and you don’t wanna know how ‘that much’ exactly means)  Sincerely, suffering temporary driver.

So darls, what’s the story behind this?

First. It all started from the mountain.
Mountain has always been my solitude sanctuary, alias tempat bertapa, tempat berteduh sementara pasca mumet dengan departemen hidup, you name it lha~ and apparently, for my best friend too. We used to go back to the mountain and explore the forest when we were still in Bandung years ago, but this year we decided to spend the night at a place called Lembah Karmel, Cikanyere, Puncak. We just agreed to go on weekend getaway to refresh our mind and soul.

Second. Funny happenstances do just happen. 
We were meant to be in that place after all. Whatever the given signs were, it was so funny (it’s up to you how you want to interpret it, rite?). The bunny sheets, all the talk to Romo & a good friend about “grafik iman” and all other small little things including the traffic (again). Oh my dear traffic god, seriusan aja uda lebih dari 90 menit bisa ngga gerak sama sekali di atas gunung. Orang pemerintah macam mana yg sampai hati blokir jalan sepanjang gunung selama itu demi mau lewat tanpa terganggu! Matikan mesin, nyemil keripik, ambil novel dan sulaman. Mati kutu dan lanjut guling-guling. Hhhhh…

_(: 3」∠)_ ヽ(: 3ノ ヽ)ノ ((└(: 3」┌)┘))

Meanwhile… Do you know when you need to compartmentalize your life whatsoever? So that we could have more than just one life compartments, just naming a few. Because then, if one life was unable to support you in one time, we still have the others to support us in magical ways.
When most people says Jakarta and its surrounding are no place to start or maintain a family because times that are supposed to be spent with our loved ones are eaten by the busy street of the city, that exact 12 hours traffic jam of driving has been my rare chance to have quality time with her, my other family while i’m far away from home. We were boosting one life compartment together over there.

Third. The protection.
I said things calmly with a flat face to my sweet navigator while the car started the growing rampage, “Jane, call your hubby please, we still have 80 km to go and the right axle is trembling again and again, what should I do now?”
The trick of staying sane is just to make between today and tomorrow meaningful. Nah.. gimana mau meaningful coba kalau bubble thoughts-nya cuma serem mobilnya jumpalitan selama jalan pulang? Mau pulang aja malah ada-ada saja kena gangguan. Uda kaya lagi liat rekening, menilai angka itu lagi bisa dipakai nyetor dan pulang kampung ngga.
However, we managed to go through 209 km in total, maintained the speed below sixty when we were going home at night (the heavy rain was not friendly at all too, I barely could see the road). And guess what, after the car got examined at the workshop the very next day, it turned out that i was never supposed to drive it outside the city at all! What a car… Walau sport jantung, thank God we made it home safely and sound before  12 at night.

Another lesson of the month, no more mini car like Niss*n M*rch going to the mountain, apalagi pake acara kesasar. I really want to complain W*ze app developer right now and praising Go*gle Map instead to lead me going back to the right track, getting away from semi off road route to the normal route.
And yeah, we all just need a right GPS in our life whatsoever. After so many prayers in desperation last year, my miracles has just emerged starting this miraculous month. Hail for the M month! *grinning*


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