For all the things worth mentioning?

Dear my little long time friend, initialized as PAN,

The aftertaste of poison sweetness is a dreadful dead, so if it’s a poison, keep it bitter and the effect will not create any magnitude or fake sensation of the death itself.
Acting fool or acting sweet towards the dead itself perhaps?
Someone may have to drink you a Veritaserum to get that messed up or f*cked up maze out from your inside, the bottled neck effect has been too much for years, don’t you think?

Membisu dalam keterbelengguan, tercekat dalam leher. It’s been tiring, no? So why don’t you shift yourself? You gotta be!

Having some bravery to mock up your habit into a better person by having someone to trigger and get you out from your shell may not be a bad idea after all. Every relations are like electric currents. A proper lightning shock is in need at times. Hopefully, the bait role produce you a release after all these agonizing years inside your brain.

And thank you many many much for being such a good friend. Five years do count, huh?

Standing like an army right here right now, cheers to life (surely not a f*cked up category anymore, right?)~


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