Drama antipole.

Meeting sana meeting sini lama-lama ingin gigit laptop saja!

Normal schedule does feel like heaven nowadays, less fatigue and less painful (literally) day by day at the least. Goodbye Kuartal Satu yg bikin repot sejagat gedung lebih-lebih dari Lebaran. (//flee)

suicide bunny 1suicide bunny 3


The best therapy list : A mix of random chat, food tasting, water, tea, coffee, wine, TV series, game and scented candle.

Goodbye vitamins deficiency, hello again hibernation mood. Withdrawing from any “politic situation” over here, beep beep! *ala UltraMan mau mati tapi gada matinya*

And my best therapy last weekend are : long discussion, Jakarta city lights at night and watching 300 : Rise Of An Empire & Victoria Secret Fashion Show in silence with long-time-no-see-bestie, Aya, whilst tasting Pinot Noir (which wine taste better anyway? Pinot Noir or Cabernet Sauvignon?)

In several cases, what’s the use of objecting if it made you feel apologetic but at the same time you’ll never able to give up, hating it and then supporting it again? Such ups and downs. Huh. Only those who had been in the same state like you can help you out from your current zone. When you ask for advice, ask from those who had achieved mastery themselves, not just NATO (ya iya lah ya udah pasti, cuma diulang doank di sini, utk menekankan kembali saja).

So what’s the essence of suffering in creation? Is it going to create a new trauma to replace the old one? *tilting head pose* You decide. It shouldn’t be a trauma replacement darls~

Ending another random post, there are such differences between reality and TV Drama, i find this parody is way more hilarious than the actual series. Counter attack to melow korean drama epidemic at office. Hahahahah… Presenting this to you who still dream about Descendants of the Sun series, lol! However, i do want to meet the script writers. Such ideas! ROTF~

*posting edisi random selesai*


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