old talk

There are several things  inside my head every time i talk to my dear old father i guessed. Resolute inspiration captivates you and there’s no stopping until it’s carried through. I think there’s reason to follow it.

If i remembered, it was one pleasant day. The clouds collectively went on strike, leaving nothing but sunshine and a slight breeze behind. I was having my rest for the whole day. It’s been 10 months after following my  immunologist instructions to overcome several things. It’s been good (plus dengan masa stress-nya). I never thought this took long enough just to elevate one certain substance level in blood to prevent unwanted issue, with a LOT of consideration towards my surroundings and life choices. Since everything has been part of “the red thread” like a gamble, just enjoy the ride for now. 🙂

That particular night I was finishing my dinner at currently-renovated-home with Dad when the social politic talk began and my enthusiasm arise.

Democratic, Marxism-Leninism, Socialism, Liberalism, Capitalism. Such talk between a father and daughter at night haha.. but i’m used to it since we only discuss it to understand things in history of humanity, not to take any stance to any extremist. When i say history, i mean his story included too. How an adventure in the nature was like, what being kept away from home felt like and what a tough life actually meant.

Believing in kindness and practicing it should be your daily base instead of extreme political views towards the world or any kind of arrogance judgement/humiliation towards one another. Such ego in humanity, huh?

Confusing one for the other seems to be a major pitfall for the majority of humanity.

So what do i do now with these insatiable urgencies to complete, which i’m having for the past few months like a never ending whisper coming from the mountain. We’ll see we’ll see.



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