untitled lost.

It’s so easy to get lost when you’re young and easily distracted. What you want may constantly change to follow what excite you at one particular moment, but they don’t usually last long enough to make you dare to dive. Or for some people the decision to jump is quicker so they are trapped toiling with all their life (especially determined people; they finish what they start) only to find out their goals are not what they really want a long time later. Time is the method of payment here.
(I should just swap the word ‘you’ with ‘I’ or ‘me’)
I read a note last week, written by the wisest man who ever lived (if you believe he existed) on how we human tend to chase after the wind, which is meaningless. There are so many enticing stuff to set our eyes on, but sincerely, I hope you and I will not fall into the popular trap of living just for ourselves. Cheers.

(just adding another good stats over here from a friend)


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