Hungwy zombie brain

Finally, finally and finally…. I am desperately in need of food for thoughts since month(s). Some empty schedule can be shifted and my head is cooling down. I’m troubled at times when I arrange my time table (so far i’m sensitive dengan sedikit banyak “tegangan tinggi” due to cash flow balance and everything else *nangis di pojokan lagi), but for now… it’s good… it’s good. Heating things up perhaps? Inhale, exhale.

Maintain a reasonable work plus the time schedule, I wish i have more than 7 days a week! Reducing traffic hours is one of my biggest priority whatsoever since my brain is getting dull due to Jakarta crazy traffic jam. 72 km travelling distance is equal to 5-6 hours on the road per work day. Not fancy the journey but got many lessons other than mastering Inventory Costing Valuation Method in Finance. *sampe eneg mampus mewek dah di pojokan (lagi), dalam sikon kurang gizi pula, factually…..(ಥ﹏ಥ)…..

Interesting months are still going on, full of research journals about politic science and venture capital. The bright side is I get the chance to meet and greet some cool peeps for the last two months (unplanned too). I am always interested in their  specified fields since 2009. Thanks to US Embassy i think.

Those peeps are :

Michael Goldberg –> an experienced venture capitalist

Lauren Duncan from Smith College and Julia Indiati Suryakusumah –> such eccentric combo! Eccentric people are always intriguing though, lol..!

I won’t bother to explain who these people are (otherwise i may become a ghost writer for explaining their biography or you can just google them instead! Don’t be lazy…), it’s so stimulating-kind-of-situation that i can never explain. Yiha..! 😀

Thanks beratttt to you Ina Karlina, my super duper loyal-bighearted-arguing-friend ever!( ˘ ³˘)❤

Have a great month lovely peeps!

( ˘ ³˘)❤


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