What Hurt is What Matters, anyone?

Best moment of the year : Sweet beer under the sunset while the moon was arising at Seminyak, Bali.

Overwhelmed by the details until the tears dried out and everything get numb then it regrow again from within.

Perhaps, this has been a long topic with some of my close people who is “warm” to understand things when it actually gets heavier in each of our diverse challenges and problems. Taking notes for myself in this matter while saying “this too shall pass”… Setidaknya ketika hati sudah tidak diremas-remas lagi dan mata sudah kering.

Apart from many kinds of people around you who take different life paths whether getting too focused and get “too heavy” for the past you cannot let go or still having small mind capacity to understand how to widen horizons of action, you may need some help to get yourself untangled & gain new perspective.

As in this case, biggest shame on those who only know how to drag each other down and getting busy on proving right or wrong, making people feel bad even more. Acting like a brave one but a coward inside.

Karena ego yang terlalu besar tidak akan membawamu kemana pun untuk berkembang.

Lebih sia-sia lagi untuk mencelikan mata yang sudah menolak untuk melihat dan telinga yang tidak kunjung belajar mendengar untuk mengerti.

I should insert this on some people’s head, perhaps just in my imagination.

Talking is easy whether it is right or not, but to prove it within yourself, that is the most difficult part. Too many justification in your head is also a hindrance. Whatever somebody may say about themselves, it can be right and it can be wrong depend on point of view and particular situation. What’s the important thing is how to make it real in life with action. Out of your comfort zone.

It is okay if your breath gets short. Breathe in deeply until both of your chest get numb and  exhale more since everyone take their happiness differently, along with their own kind of pain and healed bitterness.

And for this sake, people who are ready to grow together with you, are the best people in the whole world.

Untuk semua yang dijalani bersama… cheers for the same continued growth darlings.

Cheers even more to all cauterized things and to future possibilities.


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