A Change

A change maybe just around the corner!

After hard months, perhaps some changes are good.

And I’m hitting number 70 in my blog post! Gak istimewa sih, tau.. (* – -) Just a very tiny form of excitement for lucky number 7 at the seventh month of the year.

I started putting out words by words in this blog since 2012 (my second year after moving out from my home, Bandung, to this Ibukota sumpek nan pengap, Jakarta). Wohoo. Five and a half year following my heart (or should i say : following my bitterness-after-effect in college years until now? Starting over and over and over, shoo shoo old heartbreak, udah basiiiii busukkkkk, tahun berapa iniiiiii, kaca mana kaca).

pic 1

I must say that I love my life better in this city (kecuali urusan macet dan overwork condition). Dan pada titik tertentu, aku mencinta lebih baik dengan jarak dari berbagai segi. Emotional closeness obstacle i must say. (´c_,`lll)

I should thank dozens of people for all inspirations in here, there and everywhere. Four blog post are still remaining in draft for months and another three in trash.

pic 5

Even though current obstacles still push me down to be half-hearted person as ever but the process is still going on, i think that’s OK. Valuing process in order to progress. Why not? Just another kind of small trial to enlarge mental capacity.

pic 2pic 6

After making a lot of dots in my head based on people stories and receiving enough feedback in live version, I must say that I am currently happy & satisfied enough to do this mix and match method for the next 6 months of mind framing. I will be owing to create a longer version just for two dearest darlings, Karlin & Dwiasfitri. Connecting the red threads, perhaps.

Another deep thanks to most expressive daily life companions : Adit, Hari, Malik, Purnama, Hermawan, Lubis, Cahyadi, Rosy, Kevin, The Wolf Blogger, Mr. Taxi Drivers who never cease to entertain me when i got stuck in traffic and many many many other inspiring people including 22 other countries flags that keep popping up in my wordpress app. 🙂

I shouldn’t describe what kind of country i am living or even to compare it with others, should I?

pic 3

Oh one more..Thank you to Beruang Australia too. You are such a good senior analyst and also “a good career therapist” across the continent.

Well.. I will still adore all of you no matter what even though all of your gold comes along with the rust. So that maybe, we just find heaven in a hell of a place when we got lost.

Dan yang tak akan pernah lupa…. Romo Gondrong Gereja Santa untuk kuliah filsafat dalam setiap kotbahnya yang ajaib.

_____m(◕‿‿◕。)m_____ (posisi muka nangkring saat ikut ibadah beberapa minggu sekali–> ngaku)

Next, since this is just my random writing to express things.. I’m showing my 2016-to-do-list, just one plan after another in here (been following one suggestion over here).

  1. Taking my parents to Bali annually, done.
  2. Finishing career woman stressful period, done. (senggol bacok period uda off, aku sudah kembali jadi anjing shiba/pom-pom… mungkin)
  3. Re-calculating my fucked-up-almost-broke-due-to-high-stress financial statement, on progress.
  4. Targeting financial freedom at the age of 30, on progress.
  5. Completing Microsoft Certification, soon. (ujian ujian ujian ujian ujian ujian….)
  6. Making Indomie instant noodle for room mate at 10.30 PM, done. (nom nom nom nom)
  7. Moving in to new rent place, soon. (Oh God, i need to breathe fresher air when i sleep!)
  8. Finishing two personal projects, soon. (Biar smooth itu emang butuh proses ya, panjang pula)
  9. Making short video for my-childhood-ngebet-friend, soon. (=,=)
  10. Making dreamy-plastic-culture project into reality, soon, perhaps. (Hello again Polymer!  Why do i need so much money for you beforehand hmm…<3)
  11. Going to my immunologist for my last check up after one year supervision, soon. (Hello life balance, hello lagi untuk bisa menabung, yeay)

last but not the least is… the most difficult thing in my life ..

12. Tidying up piles of bookssssss in my room, soon.

Due to some personal projects, I will be off for quite a long time and will be just posting some favorite pictures. And for all the things i’m loyal to is just being loyal to growth along with dearest growing peeps. Cheers to you beautiful souls!

pic 4
Dusk is just an illusion, because the sun is either above the horizon or below it.




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