The Immovable Detachment

As our usual meet up took place last Friday along with tasty cherry and wheat beers, I can only laugh sheepishly among the crowd while I still gawked on my little red tube called Symbicort Turbuhaler (inhaler) to use for one more month as I only followed necessary directions of what is not and what to hold on until grandpa Doctor says “All clear” after one year supervision due to tiredness condition and other immune tendency.

Nothing serious in the future unless I cross the border line into unhealthy accumulation. We just get to choose our own poison along with the healer in our life, right? Noted, doc.

small milky way called Jakarta

Anyway.. We were just detaching mind from work and picking the night even more while talking about nothing and everything for the future when priority is just a priority (dikala umur menuju kepala 3 muhaha).

Then one question popped up from my grinning face : Tell me dears..What is your most ideal images that you hardly let go from your mind?

Be it moving on from your ideal personality you ever love like a gruesome doctor, famous designer, cheating lawyer, ambitious engineer, sweet lovely writer etc.. we all have our kind of Mount Everest right at heart and mind.

And it is our choice whether to keep it too much in mind, adapt it or to just let things be, either on whatever adjective that come along as a tag-lined-profession or adjusting point of view once again to accept from the other side.

How much cloudy people could become to compensate the possibility of the future nowadays, huh? Apart from our perseverance in life, I only see that things are meant to let go when you are mentally ready, just because.

That at some point of our desires to catch what we want in life, doing it in immovable detachment results in bunches of contentment, purity, simplicity and immutability that dwells eternally in our soul (just some vocab from Meister Eckhart essay).

That of all beautiful and screwed up things, having great peeps in company while we keep saying towards each other in unconditional situation  of this ‘belantara Jakarta’ years after years such as :

“Come! Let’s go on trial errors, fall and always rise up. I’m waiting for you to put yourselves together again, ok? We are always just around.”

And isn’t it just we all need sometimes?

Some “bodo-bodo” conversations to laugh about after rough day and some deep discussions about the meaning of your life to ponder on and also to look forward having a life spouse in 3 words final category : komplemen, utuh dan sejalan.. Bersama-sama menjadi.

Cheers ~<3


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