No Thing

Body is just a shelter system for the soul. Functional matter, dears.

A system is only trying to help and simplify the mundane daily life but never made to make life easier or make sense.

And some people only have to bring any glimpse of your past when they’re threatened by your present. Then… why would you bother on how people stabbing at your back?

Driven by quiet rant of rich thoughts, all of us make a compromise, between norms and our true self.

As humanity needs to be understood by looking within and befriending ourselves, which question would you like to pick for you now?

Which one is better and which one is less? Which one is good and which one is bad?

Nobody can be themselves completely. Nobody likes themselves completely. Nobody loves other persons completely. Nobody listens to their intuitions completely. Nobody is meant for each other completely. Nobody gives compliments completely. Nobody earns their dreams completely. Nobody listens to other people’s opinions completely. Nobody loves other people unconditionally completely. Nobody feels sorry for their mistakes completely. Nobody means their promises completely. Nobody feels grateful for their existence completely.

Mixed feelings is something you can’t really explain but you know exactly how it feels.

You love your idealism more than you love someone, my dear.

You love your moments of solitude more than you may love something or someone.

It’s understanding but at the same time also demanding too much.

It’s accepting but at the same time never feel good enough.

It’s listening but at the same time talking someone’s back.

And it’s no thing because there are so many things in nothing. More important than any important things you have learned all of your life. Nothing is the most beautiful thing in the world because in nothing the possibility is endless. Everything is nothing and nothing is everything. From zero you can become one hundred and be back to zero again. But how you construct everything back to nothing needs more courage and brain and planning.

And when your happiness is always urgent…Can you stop being so basic and just be nothing before anything else growing in you?

Because when everyone becomes nothing, that’s when everything will become beautiful again, out of any arrogance form in the world.

(Serba serbi air of thoughts akhir tahun 2016 hasil celingukan dan membaca untaian emosi asing yg lincah berseliweran pun selesai sudah)

PS : Thank you miss Bohang for all beautiful pictures and words, it is all inspiring for this post.


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