No Thing

Body is just a shelter system for the soul. Functional matter, dears.

A system is only trying to help and simplify the mundane daily life but never made to make life easier or make sense.

And some people only have to bring any glimpse of your past when they’re threatened by your present. Then… why would you bother on how people stabbing at your back?

Driven by quiet rant of rich thoughts, all of us make a compromise, between norms and our true self.

As humanity needs to be understood by looking within and befriending ourselves, which question would you like to pick for you now?

Which one is better and which one is less? Which one is good and which one is bad?

Nobody can be themselves completely. Nobody likes themselves completely. Nobody loves other persons completely. Nobody listens to their intuitions completely. Nobody is meant for each other completely. Nobody gives compliments completely. Nobody earns their dreams completely. Nobody listens to other people’s opinions completely. Nobody loves other people unconditionally completely. Nobody feels sorry for their mistakes completely. Nobody means their promises completely. Nobody feels grateful for their existence completely.

Mixed feelings is something you can’t really explain but you know exactly how it feels.

You love your idealism more than you love someone, my dear.

You love your moments of solitude more than you may love something or someone.

It’s understanding but at the same time also demanding too much.

It’s accepting but at the same time never feel good enough.

It’s listening but at the same time talking someone’s back.

And it’s no thing because there are so many things in nothing. More important than any important things you have learned all of your life. Nothing is the most beautiful thing in the world because in nothing the possibility is endless. Everything is nothing and nothing is everything. From zero you can become one hundred and be back to zero again. But how you construct everything back to nothing needs more courage and brain and planning.

And when your happiness is always urgent…Can you stop being so basic and just be nothing before anything else growing in you?

Because when everyone becomes nothing, that’s when everything will become beautiful again, out of any arrogance form in the world.

(Serba serbi air of thoughts akhir tahun 2016 hasil celingukan dan membaca untaian emosi asing yg lincah berseliweran pun selesai sudah)

PS : Thank you miss Bohang for all beautiful pictures and words, it is all inspiring for this post.


Catching Sunshine

One way or another, being a highly energy sensitive person has been a double edge sword in my whole life. I may not be prone on explaining too much on this part but one thing for sure, a constant influx of external energy from one’s environment or one certain dear person can be overwhelming in prolong period of time.

That is merely because being a natural empaths also means you are able to feel the full spectrum of human emotion whilst get spiritually attuned and may absorb other people’s emotion like a sponge intensely, including a kind of “angst-sucking sponges”, plus when you see visionary things some people just don’t..  And when you ‘receive’ plus ‘got squished’ too much, then you are at the edge of your balance. Beep beep…That’s when my alarm get loud though. Errr~

When you habitually invalidate or turn off a part of yourself like this, it eventually just shuts down. It’s not gone forever. But it goes dormant, remains undeveloped and more likely to be a life challenge in your next round.

Some people who selfishly (or proudly) claim themselves as intelligent people may not understand this deep or well enough especially those with closed inner eye who still have untreated past bitterness plus their closed logic to value and judge things around (whether it is relying on too many depressive quotes through google and many famous writings, well.. well.. well..)

(ZZzzzzzzz..Feeling meehhhh~)

On some levels, I just happened to categorize this year as one of the most suffering year due to a lot of problems (I explained one of the illustrations in my previous post, Collectively Coherent). But during my hardship this year, I have two intriguing dear friend who voluntarily escort me through some calming periods without them noticing how deeply it infused me. Muehehehhehhehe…. :* (kiss kiss to you)

And for that, I must thank God even more other than paying my personal gratitude to them.

The immune girl

One is a girl whom I have known since senior high school. We never talk much back then. We are both bookworms who lend novels to each other once in a while, got lost in touch for a few years until one day I found her at my office lobby preparing herself to come in for an interview.

It’s been 6 years since that day… 😀 I must say it’s been enjoyable to have a long-time friend who is equally stubborn, equally spiritual, equally intellectual and equally argumentative over the years yet still find ways to complement each other. Be it bodo-bodo conversation about guys or about financial world and business analytics approach using McKinsey matrix.

Even in times of difficulties you do need a friend by your side, not to suffer together of course, not someone who selfishly state or think on how beneficial a friend should be in life when he/she is currently in trouble… but someone who is already on the same page as you are, that you may not need too much explanation between each other whilst you are not currently in an open talk situation.

To some awe of it, I received an email from her this July, contained e-ticket to Mataram Lombok that she insisted to me, “Don’t be fussy on how to pay me back for now.. Just join me over here.. ”

There I went on an unexpected vacation, packed my thing, cancelled some sudden invitations to other country too at that time.

And this one is my favorite picture while I was in Gili Lombok :


Apapula lah tujuan poseku ini di bawah plang ayunan Wanderlands?

Haha… Setidaknya untuk melepas sebongkah isi hati yang merindu kepada laut…

Untuk melepas keputusasaan kepada semesta dan terlebih lagi, untuk berjumpa dengan Sang Khalik dalam bentukNya yg lain. 😀

And one thing after another, I remembered again that we travel once in a while not to escape life but for life not to escape us. Well… Deep conversations with the right people are just….Priceless.

The tumultuous girl

Another one is a girl whom I have known since junior high school who constantly look for me in her possible ways even from America. She’s been a lovely person except that she is currently desperate along with her slight ADHD that never cease to annoy me every time she try to communicate through texting (me almost got mad so many times).

Apparently she constantly feels not fit in Indonesia (her own homeland) despite the fact that she’s been falsely proud for having education in USA for years which leads to her self-dispute. For all the things I empathize from her gray view, she’s just currently desperate on so many misevaluations to her low self-acceptance in social health situation.

As to my awe, I get calmer the more I understand on how to handle this little SOS friend. Nothing beats the talk about guys every time I listen to her dramatic story about FALLING IN LOVE with the wrong person over and over, changing one boyfriend to other boys instead of waiting for the right guy.

I have stopped telling her through advice sentences since I’m more agreeable on supervising her in every bit detail she needs to vent (and for that I can only do tarik ulur … I am not always ready to ‘receive’ such energy channel in my daily life, especially from hyperactive person +__+).

Here are several things I can summarize for her, either from personal experience, some knowledge sharing and please be noted that I combined many resources in this post including from Kate Rose. Who knows this can be your insights too, right?

So what is it about love?

I’ve always talk about concepts before but due to many revelations this time around, I must agree on some facts that we may actually fall in love with 3 persons in our life time, each for specific reason.

There’s loving someone, then there’s loving the idea of someone, then there’s loving the idea of loving someone. Only the first is love.

1. Idealistic Love

Often our first is when we were teenager or young adults, in high school or college even that we adore this one as an idea at first. This is the love that appeals to what we should be doing for society’s sake—and probably our families. We enter into it with the belief that this will be our only love and it doesn’t matter if it doesn’t feel quite right, or if we find ourselves having to swallow down our personal truths to make it work because deep down we believe that this is what love is supposed to be.

Because in this type of love, how others view us is more important than how we actually feel. It’s a love that looks right.

2. Hard Love

The second is supposed to be the hard one. This is merely the one that teaches us lessons about who we are and how we often want or need to be loved. This is the kind of love that hurts, whether through lies, pain or manipulation. We think we are making different choices than our first, but in reality we are still making choices out of the need to learn lessons—but we hang on. This second can become a cycle over and over again, oftentimes one we keep repeating because we think that somehow the ending will be different than before. Yet, each time we try, it somehow ends worse than before. Sometimes it’s unhealthy, unbalanced or narcisstic even. There may be emotional, mental or even physical abuse or manipulation—most likely there will be high levels of drama. This is exactly what keeps us addicted to this story line, because it’s the emotional roller coaster of extreme highs and lows and like a junkie trying to get a fix, we stick through the lows with the expectation of the high.

With this kind of love, trying to make it work becomes more important than whether it actually should. This one only become the love that we wished was right. (I actually pointed this one to my friend)

3. The one love we never see coming

This is the one that usually looks all wrong for us and that destroys any lingering ideals we clung to about what love is supposed to be. This is the love that comes so easy it doesn’t seem possible. It’s the kind where the connection can’t be explained and knocks us off our feet because we never planned for it.

This is the love where we come together with someone and it just fits—there aren’t any ideal expectations about how each person should be acting, nor is there pressure to become someone other than we are.

We are just simply accepted for who we are already—and it shakes to our core.

It isn’t what we envisioned our love would look like, nor does it abide by the rules that we had hoped to play it safe by. But still it shatters our preconceived notions and shows us that love doesn’t have to be how we thought in order to be true.

This is the love that keeps knocking on our door regardless of how long it takes us to answer. It’s the love that just feels right.

Possibly we need a whole lifetime to learn each lesson, or maybe, if we’re lucky, it only takes a few years. And I do think that the third one are the lucky ones.

They are the ones who are tired of having to try and whose broken hearts lay beating in front of them wondering if there is just something inherently wrong with how they love.

But there’s not; it’s just a matter of if their partner loves in the same way they do or not.

Just because it has never worked out before doesn’t mean that it won’t work out now.

What it really comes down to is if we are limited by how we love, or instead love without limits. We all have our own choices on how to love whether we want to stay on the second or letting go until the third finally come and transform you for it, isn’t it?

The one that feels like home without any rationale; the love that isn’t like a storm—but rather the quiet peace of the night after.

The one we never see coming.
The one that actually lasts.
The one that shows us why it never worked out before.

And it’s that possibility that makes trying again always worthwhile, because the truth is you never know when you’ll stumble into love again.

Karena tidak ada seseorang pun yang siap. Siap untuk jatuh cinta atau pun siap untuk patah hati. We are just all about on the same page or not to be together.

Now..Why would i write this post? For i am never a hopeless romantic nor a closed romantic one, and will never be any of those as i am just a realist romantic woman, who understand deep enough that my heart will never go anywhere by becoming hopeless and closed.

Collectively coherent 👹❤

Hello peeps. Been a while.❤

I must admit that this blog has some people’s mix story in its content (including mine), mostly packed in one shot post. I’ve been using it as my sources while creating it to entertain my other fellows to reduce stress at work without telling things too much (yes we all do have our own tensions, be it dealing with a jerk at the street or varied corporate politic situation). All of this just show you that 70% of my posts has been written in fiction points of view, based on significant facts in each of our personal life along with the “emang lagi (atau pengen) BAPER” mode along with ups and downs. More likely a contemporary genre using a bit of ghostwriting method.

Singkatnya, kalau mau cengeng ya sekalian jadi cengeng dulu sampai beres ya kawans lalu udah, never fall in love with someone who doesn’t love you back more than you love the person even though that person only know how to initiate relationship without growing it at all (prior utk wanita yang nggak dipupuk hatinya, “bravo” utk gaya komunikasi yg bikin sesuatu makin meaningless, lebih pentingin show off mood di sosmed dari pada properly communicating lambang hasil bitter masa ABG), kalau bahasa kasih dan pertumbuhan mentalnya nggak sama pun yaudah jelas ngga klop, tough lagi kemudian selesai dan naik level, hello new devil peeps!

And due to my current absence on that method  since i move it to other creative process and only for internal reading outside this blog, i decided to release some of my other thoughts-contained-brain-side about work for once in a while, using a factual approach. I’m presenting you about change management methodology, and i do hope my other fellows could understand things deeper as i reconstruct line by line in this post using some resources around me.

So what is our current rule of the game? Simple. Just stability! ❤


Many senior executives in companies had a simple stability goal for themselves. Shareholders wanted little more than predictable earnings growth. Because so many markets were either closed or undeveloped, leaders could deliver on those expectations through annual exercises that offered only modest modifications to the strategic plan. Prices stayed in check; people stayed in their jobs; no one got fired; life was good. But unfortunately, things don’t go that way many times, right?

A somewhat ambiguous term, change management has at least three different aspects whatsoever, including : adapting to change, controlling change and effecting change.

Market transparency, labor mobility, global capital flows, and instantaneous communications have blown that comfortable scenario to smithereens. In most industries and in almost all companies, from giants on down – heightened global competition has concentrated management’s collective mind on something that, in the past, it happily avoided: dynamic change. It never get easy peeps. It takes time and a LOTTTTTTTTTTTTT of energy until i must re-think again about energy allocation i have to make in the next 5 years. (T___T)

One poor thing is seeing how some higher positioned people thinking that communication is the same as engagement, while both are actually different in practical ways. Some only dictate people on what should change, without a proper approach towards each individual. –> This happen a lot in every personal life too i must say. Kick that arrogance smoothly!

You must have an intimate understanding of the human side of change management (the alignment of the company’s culture, values, people, and behaviors) to encourage the desired results. Plans themselves do not capture value. Value is realized only through the sustained, collective actions of the thousands of employees who are responsible for designing, executing, and living with the changed environment.

Of course..No single methodology fits every company, but there are set of practices, tools, and techniques that can be adapted to a variety of situations. Using these as a systematic, comprehensive framework, many executives suppose to understand what to expect, how to manage their own personal change, and how to engage the entire organization in the process.

Culture is also very very critical. It gets more important while proposing change management. It even became more critical when the upper level people decide to do some changes accompanied with IT system changing without any significant tools to maintain / develop their human resources. Not enough maintenance in performance management system resulted in more deeper issues whatsoever.

A mutual understanding is a mandatory in retaining their company’s unique values and sense of identity and about creating a culture of commitment and performance. Leadership teams that fail to plan for the human side of change often find themselves wondering why their best-laid plans have gone awry. How ironic, huh?

The impact is clearly shown in three big sectors :

  1. The transformation mechanism –> a significant one always create People Issues. 😐
  2. Consumed resources : Time, people and of course, money.
  3. Typically left with diminished moral, perhaps? or immaturity? (easily blaming each other in negativity for example)

Long-term structural transformation has four characteristics, which are : scale (the change affects all or most of the organization), magnitude (it involves significant alterations of the status quo), duration (it lasts for months, if not years), and strategic importance. Yet the companies will reap the rewards only when change occurs at the level of the individual employee. That is undeniable..! (i am highly exposing on these.) do we create a coherent environment in order to generate a smooth changing events in progressive ways?  Passive aggressive? Well.. After a lot of evaluation and extensive reading plus brainstorming with other expertise fellows, here are 10 shortlisted principle guides :

  1. Address the “human side” systematically
  2. Start at the top
  3. Involve every layer
  4. Make the formal case
  5. Create ownership
  6. Communicate the message
  7. Asses the cultural landscape
  8. Address culture explicitly
  9. Prepare for the unexpected
  10. Speak to the individual

Some upper people contemplating change know that people do matter. It is all too tempting, however, to dwell on the plans and processes, which don’t talk back and don’t respond emotionally, rather than face up to the more difficult and more critical human issues. But mastering the “soft” side of change management needn’t be a mystery after all…. But then again, implementing all of this is already a challenge itself, isn’t it?

I do hope this post can stimulate you to a broaden knowledge about thriving in dynamic challenges. As for my work case, i can only put ice bag upon my head everyday so it won’t blow up.

I am just currently happier to attain some insights and inserting it to my environment so it could get healthier in reconstructive ways before i made my final decision to move on with my actual life plan.

Kalau kata Master Shifu..”Belum pernah dimusuhin itu belum sempet seru namanya.” Hemmmmmmmmm…….. (garuk-garuk kepala sambil nyengir) wakakak.

Well..Let’s get things done peeps! Banzai!

Owh..and happy weekend, beautiful souls. ❤

The Immovable Detachment

As our usual meet up took place last Friday along with tasty cherry and wheat beers, I can only laugh sheepishly among the crowd while I still gawked on my little red tube called Symbicort Turbuhaler (inhaler) to use for one more month as I only followed necessary directions of what is not and what to hold on until grandpa Doctor says “All clear” after one year supervision due to tiredness condition and other immune tendency.

Nothing serious in the future unless I cross the border line into unhealthy accumulation. We just get to choose our own poison along with the healer in our life, right? Noted, doc.

small milky way called Jakarta

Anyway.. We were just detaching mind from work and picking the night even more while talking about nothing and everything for the future when priority is just a priority (dikala umur menuju kepala 3 muhaha).

Then one question popped up from my grinning face : Tell me dears..What is your most ideal images that you hardly let go from your mind?

Be it moving on from your ideal personality you ever love like a gruesome doctor, famous designer, cheating lawyer, ambitious engineer, sweet lovely writer etc.. we all have our kind of Mount Everest right at heart and mind.

And it is our choice whether to keep it too much in mind, adapt it or to just let things be, either on whatever adjective that come along as a tag-lined-profession or adjusting point of view once again to accept from the other side.

How much cloudy people could become to compensate the possibility of the future nowadays, huh? Apart from our perseverance in life, I only see that things are meant to let go when you are mentally ready, just because.

That at some point of our desires to catch what we want in life, doing it in immovable detachment results in bunches of contentment, purity, simplicity and immutability that dwells eternally in our soul (just some vocab from Meister Eckhart essay).

That of all beautiful and screwed up things, having great peeps in company while we keep saying towards each other in unconditional situation  of this ‘belantara Jakarta’ years after years such as :

“Come! Let’s go on trial errors, fall and always rise up. I’m waiting for you to put yourselves together again, ok? We are always just around.”

And isn’t it just we all need sometimes?

Some “bodo-bodo” conversations to laugh about after rough day and some deep discussions about the meaning of your life to ponder on and also to look forward having a life spouse in 3 words final category : komplemen, utuh dan sejalan.. Bersama-sama menjadi.

Cheers ~<3


When settling and tidying up messy messy messy messy situation in 4 medium to large enterprises cost more than your personal life, emotionally and physically, then what would you do? Perhaps, this has been on my mind for a long time albeit i already know the answer.

Ah sudah lah, setidaknya masa otak kebakaran sudah jauh terlewati. Aku sudah bernafas jauh lebih baik dari tahun lalu (literally), hari demi hari. Mataku sudah ikut tertawa lepas tatkala perasaan liar membuncah tak terkendali itu melebur bersama waktu. Seperti memutarbalikkan fakta dan fiksi. Lantas hanya tersisa padu padan suara hati yang sedang menata kembali dan melengkapi keping penebusan karma terakhirku.

Setiap keputusan 15 bulan terakhir ini dinaungi 2 suara lembut yang berhasil membuatku jinak dikala semua urusan hidup menjadi buyar, tandas seketika karena secarik kertas putih berlabuh di telapakku malam itu, membuatku terdiam beku dan merenung untuk waktu yang sangat lama setelahnya. Seorang guru dan seorang dokter lah yang menjadi penenang terbaikku, yang lucunya.. bahkan bukan keluargaku, teman terdekat atau pun orang yang diharapkan ada di sisi. Para oldie tersayang ini memang menjadi peganganku ketika sudah bertahun-tahun hidup sendiri seperti ini.

Semua terjawab pada waktunya karena menyembuhkan diri sendiri itu layaknya memekarkan hati sehalus beledu. Lapis demi lapis jiwa. Setetes demi setetes air mata.

Dan tentunya .. Kita adalah bagaimana kita mengolah semua itu. Apakah kita menjadikan luka-luka mengubah kita, ataukah kita tetap menolak kalah dan berpegang teguh pada pengharapan. Dan kembali percaya. Pada diri sendiri. Pada orang lain. Pada hidup.

Terlebih lagi, kepada Yang Di Atas. Karena hari esok memiliki kesusahannya sendiri, bukankah begitu?

Setidaknya, itu lah yg ada di pikiranku setiap kali langkah gontaiku melewati pintu masuk gedung berisi para manusia berjas putih selama setahun terakhir ini.


(sneak peek selesai)

Manifestasi Mental


Layaknya arti judul, semua konten yg terpampang di seluruh postingan blog ini ibarat satu titik dari semesta alam sadarku atas hiruk pikuk sekitar.

Oke. Aku hanya merasa perlu menuangkan yang ini sampai ke blog karena beberapa kejadian tak enak sempat terjadi tahun ini. Tentunya tak perlu kujelaskan di sini hingga detail, cukup orang dewasa terpercaya yg faham.

Semua dimulai dari makna judul postingan, yaitu perwujudan sebagai suatu pernyataan perasaan atau pendapat. Perwujudan soal apa Vy? Bahwa semua orang itu rindu. Iya, rindu dalam berbagai bentuk, ngebet sampai penasaran juga boleh. Tapi faktanya, semua yg tampak mudah datang ke depan muka itu mudah juga perginya. Berlaku untuk semua urusan bahkan urusan prestasi sampai urusan perasaan suka menuju cinta, bahkan nafsu. What am i babbling about in this paragraph? Maintenance to balance all things, Darlings. 

Sepanjang menjalani peran part time event organizer selama masa kuliah bertahun-tahun, peneliti yg anti-sosial di laboratorium, berkarir konsultan/bisnis analis/ERP trainer dan apapun itu yang segambreng job desc-nya dari tingkat junior hingga senior saat ini, faktanya selalu berjalan seperti itu.

Easy come, easy go.

Semua berujung di satu kata kunci yaitu… miskin. Tunggu dulu! Kenapa bisa begitu?

Bukan miskin secara harafiah karena belum punya uang atau kurang ilmu. Bukan.

Aku bicara soal miskin dalam cara pikir diikuti ego.

TIDAK peduli apa profesimu dari pengangguran, anak kuliah sampai direktur sekalipun, uang dan ilmu itu bisa dicari dan dikembangkan. Uang saja bisa dipelajari bagaimana mencari dan mengolahnya asalkan mengerti business analytic dengan baik disertai pengambilan keputusan dengan kepala dingin tak dibawa emosi. Ups&down along with trial error. What about your EQ, guys?

Tapi kalau sudah bicara soal olah pikir lanjut olah rasa untuk semua jenis mengalami, itu lain soal, apalagi menangani pulih dari kepahitan hingga luka batin. Pengambilan keputusan yang keliru secara kontinu lanjut sifat kebebalan seseorang yang menumpuk biasanya berlanjut jadi miskin cara pikirnya, yang berujung menjadi tindak-tanduk keseharian.

Apathetic in immaturity. Sepintar apapun seseorang itu, IQ tinggi, rapih, bersih, berdasi sekalipun sampai yang begajulan, tetap saja akan sulit kalau cara berpikirnya itu keliru. Bahasa gaulnya, SEMAU GUE AJA EMANG GUE PIKIRIN ORANG LAIN GIMANA, HAH?!

Bicara soal apa lah aku sampai niat ngejabarin gini? Singkatnya, generosity. Murah hati.

Ada orang-orang yang lebih mudah untuk di-support karena ia tidak menggelayuti ekspektasi orang lain. Cukup dibantu dalam periode singkat lalu sudah jalan sendiri dan punya niat yg DINIATKAN, ia anti menjadi tanggungan orang. Mandiri walau diawali kesulitan ini itu.

Lain lagi ketika orang yg dibantu itu ada dalam keadaan isi pikirannya masih miskin (bukan miskin pengetahuan loh ya, BEDA). Seperti apa pun dibantu sampai jungkir balik, ia akan memposisikan dirinya selalu menjadi tanggungan, menggelayuti lanjut menggerogoti sampai habis dan membelenggu orang yg bermaksud menolong.

Itu yg judulnya jebakan batman di kamusku HAHAHA sebentar lagi aku buatkan bom wildfire juga lah ini sekalian untuk dikirim, shock therapy itu kadang-kadang metode yg kupakai sambil bertampang polos…. (tepok jidat elus-elus dada aja deh). Istilah gaya lainnya di Greek Myth : Tragic Hero. Tapi bukan itu juga!!

Celetukan lain berkata ,”Kurang iman itu, Vy..”

Ah, bukan itu juga jawabannya! Klise! Iman setiap orang selalu unik, bahkan orang yg selalu curhat padaku tidak percaya Tuhan pun butuh sejumlah iman yang  sangat besar utk percaya ketiadaan Yang Maha Kuasa. Aku sudah kekenyangan bahasan dan perdebatan filosofi demi membuka belenggu pikiran dari Ayahku sejak kecil. Bukan itu kawan!!

Menghadapi manifestasi mental miskin lebih tepatnya! Mental itu yg akan menjadikan seseorang jadi benar-benar miskin, in literal and figurative way, walaupun tampak luarnya itu ya…… murni anak konglomerat.

Lebih baik menjadi orang yg sedang bekerja dan belum punya banyak uang saja dengan mental yg kaya, karena kualitas itu lah  yg akan menjadikanmu kaya luar dalam pada waktu-Nya dan sesuai jalan-Nya.

Dan aku percaya setiap kamu-kamu yg sedang baca laman ini bukan orang bermental pikir miskin seperti gerombolan penikmat fasilitas tok yg ada banyak di luaran sana.

Meski puja bisa saja melangit, jangan biarkan jiwamu berdiri menginjak matahari. Tetaplah membumi, OK guys?

Keep your generosity in all you do no matter how some immature people can s*cks at times due to their own blindness at heart and mind.

Have a good day beautiful souls.

What Hurt is What Matters, anyone?

Best moment of the year : Sweet beer under the sunset while the moon was arising at Seminyak, Bali.

Overwhelmed by the details until the tears dried out and everything get numb then it regrow again from within.

Perhaps, this has been a long topic with some of my close people who is “warm” to understand things when it actually gets heavier in each of our diverse challenges and problems. Taking notes for myself in this matter while saying “this too shall pass”… Setidaknya ketika hati sudah tidak diremas-remas lagi dan mata sudah kering.

Apart from many kinds of people around you who take different life paths whether getting too focused and get “too heavy” for the past you cannot let go or still having small mind capacity to understand how to widen horizons of action, you may need some help to get yourself untangled & gain new perspective.

As in this case, biggest shame on those who only know how to drag each other down and getting busy on proving right or wrong, making people feel bad even more. Acting like a brave one but a coward inside.

Karena ego yang terlalu besar tidak akan membawamu kemana pun untuk berkembang.

Lebih sia-sia lagi untuk mencelikan mata yang sudah menolak untuk melihat dan telinga yang tidak kunjung belajar mendengar untuk mengerti.

I should insert this on some people’s head, perhaps just in my imagination.

Talking is easy whether it is right or not, but to prove it within yourself, that is the most difficult part. Too many justification in your head is also a hindrance. Whatever somebody may say about themselves, it can be right and it can be wrong depend on point of view and particular situation. What’s the important thing is how to make it real in life with action. Out of your comfort zone.

It is okay if your breath gets short. Breathe in deeply until both of your chest get numb and  exhale more since everyone take their happiness differently, along with their own kind of pain and healed bitterness.

And for this sake, people who are ready to grow together with you, are the best people in the whole world.

Untuk semua yang dijalani bersama… cheers for the same continued growth darlings.

Cheers even more to all cauterized things and to future possibilities.